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In this DROPS video we show how easily we can make decorative balls with just wrapping the yarn around balloons. In this video, we have used Big Delight and color no. 07 sunrise. Blow up the balloons to the desired size, ours are about 8-9 cm in diameter. (We use disposable gloves to avoid spillage). Take a little glue on the whole balloon and start wrapping the yarn around the balloon, while wrapped around the balloon you also take some glue on the yarn (one can also wrap the yarn around the balloon and eventually use a brush and paste the glue over all threads and do this many times and in several stages, but remember that the glue must be dried between each time).

Let balloons dry until the yarn is very hard. Insert / clip hole in the balloon, the balloon will then withdraw together (one can also "help" a little with a knitting needle or scissors). Remove the balloon, you can try to remove the extra glue between the threads with a knitting needle / small knife. Make several skein balls and put them neatly on a platter or hang them up with a thread, use your imagination and you can create great decorative balls that can be used for so much.

Idinagdag sa 09 Nov 2017
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