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Zero Out is a free puzzle game. All the world numbers and those who learn to master the numbers and truly zero out will become the ultimate masters of reality. Zero Out is a free puzzle game where you must control the destiny of numbers entrapped in hex grids. You'll have to click and direct them from where they are to a lower number in order to slowly reduce the total value of every number on the screen to zero. This is how you truly zero out. In a world full of numbers and worth you must become the master of nothing the true zero-out king. This is a puzzle game where math is the central mechanic and you must use the power of subtraction to manipulate the map, toggle the hexes, and fully zero out. Do it as fast as you can in order to achieve the best score possible and prove to your friends that you're more than just a number, you're a zero. So, get puzzling, get counting, and become the zero you know you've always wanted to be in this fast, fun, and free puzzle game.

Idinagdag sa 07 Jan 2021

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