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Two Stunt Rivals

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Two Stunt Rivals is a free racing game. Stunt rivals is a fast and free racing game that pits you against the deadliest competition around someone you know. In this game, you won't be racing against artificially intelligent robots or against an arena full of other players from around the world. No, in this game you will be racing against a friend or family member who is sitting right alongside of you. Let the trash-talking, engine revving, and racing b begin! in this game, it's not just about making it around a course, oh no, in this game you are going to be competing against the clock to pull off as many different jumps and stunts as you possibly can. The time is ticking and you have to prove your value by stunting, jumping, and flip-flopping your way onto the great big leader board in the sky. If you want to defeat your friend next to you, then you're going to have to stretch your fingers and get em clicking. This is not a game for the faint of heart or the weak of will. This is a game for people who play to win and win to live.

Kategorya: Laro sa Pagmamaneho
Idinagdag sa 13 May 2021
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