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Guns Up

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Welcome to the wild west world of "Guns Up"! Step into the boots of the sheriff in this physics-based shooting game where precision and strategy are your best allies. Your mission: eliminate all the criminals wreaking havoc in the town. Master the art of shooting by understanding how bullets bounce off walls and navigate around obstacles to take down your foes.

As you progress, collecting stars becomes crucial to unlock additional game modes. Test your skills in "Rescue Hostages," where quick thinking and accuracy are essential to save innocent lives. Or dive into the explosive action of "Grenade" mode, where you'll need to strategically use explosives to outsmart the outlaws.

"Guns Up" offers a thrilling combination of shooting prowess and physics-based challenges, immersing you in a quest for justice through the dusty streets of the wild west. Can you eliminate the criminals, rescue hostages, and handle grenades with finesse? It's time to holster your weapons, aim true, and restore law and order in this action-packed adventure!

Idinagdag sa 28 Dec 2023
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